Brandon, MS

Glass & Mirror Installation Company in Brandon, MS

Quality Glass, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business that was founded in 2000 and is on its second generation of owners. Our team of glass and remodeling experts serves the greater Jackson metropolitan area, offering a wide range of custom glass and mirror installation services. Whether you need new shower doors, custom shower doors, a custom mirror installed, or glass replacement services of any kind in Brandon, we’re here to help!

Our showroom on 109 Westfalen Drive in Gluckstadt, Mississippi is filled to the brim with various types of glass that we can custom cut to create tabletops, shower door frames, mirrors, and more. We offer our customers six unique patterns of glass so you always have plenty of style options. Even better, we stock 10 unique kinds of metal that we use to craft shower door frames and custom mirror frames.

Our Services in Brandon, MS

We love to make homes look better. Two of the most popular services we provide are the cutting and installation of custom shower doors and mirrors. Of course, we also bring glass repair and pane replacement services to the table.

Custom Mirrors

Our custom mirror options include both permanent, wall-installed mirrors and also framed mirrors that hang on walls. If you have a framed mirror that needs a new pane of glass, we can help with that, too. This is an ideal solution for antique or vintage mirrors that have developed dark spots on the mirror itself but the frame still looks fine. That helps you save money, time, and effort to find a frame that suits your current mirror and fits your personal style or taste.

Custom Shower Doors

Broken shower doors can result in water leaking, misting, or spraying out onto your bathroom floor. Over time, this can cause structural damage and can also be a cosmetic eyesore you’re ashamed to show guests.

Shower doors that fit well and are in good working condition are a very important component of bathrooms because they:

  • prevent water damage to your bathroom floor
  • keep you from slipping in puddles of water after you get out of the shower
  • retain hot air inside your shower stall when you’re taking a shower

Whether your shower doors just aren’t functioning well, they have an outdated look, or they are stained with years of rust, grime and mildew, we can cut and install new shower doors that fit your space perfectly and keep you more comfortable while you get clean.

Let’s Design Your Shower

Not everybody has a shower they can really be proud of. Most homes’ bathrooms, especially their showers, are neglected and not up to par with the rest of their interiors. It only makes sense to invest in the best shower you can afford since you and your family are going to use it almost every day, if not multiple times per day.

Building Safer, More Accessible Bathrooms

At Quality Glass, we’re dedicated to making bathrooms safer for people who have mobility issues and can’t get around as well as they once did. Most household accidents occur in the bathroom, so it makes sense to make that room as safe and accessible as possible. Sometimes a new shower door or the installation of grab bars can make all the difference in a bathroom that’s easier and safer to use.

For all your glass and mirror installation needs in Brandon, contact us today!