Glass Services in Clinton, MS

Glass and Mirror Installation Company in Clinton, MS

Quality Glass, Inc. of Gluckstadt, Mississippi, was founded in 2000. Today, Quality Glass is owned by the founding family’s second generation. We’ve poured thousands of hours’ worth of expert window, glass, and custom mirror installation work into the greater Jackson, Mississippi area since our company was founded, and we’re pleased to serve the people of Clinton.

At Quality Glass, Inc., we can help with repairing your home’s broken glass, such as if you need a new custom glass table top cut for a broken glass table. We offer prompt service to the Central Mississippi area, including window replacement, glass and mirror installation, and custom glass panes for any area of your home.

The other products and services our team at Quality Glass, Inc. offers to our residential customers include:

Custom Mirrors with Hand Cut Glass

Unique custom mirrors can give your house a one-of-a-kind look. The only problem with custom mirrors is that when their glass panes break, it’s hard to know where to turn for repair. Many people give up on their custom mirrors entirely when there is a break or crack.

At Quality Glass, Inc., we can custom cut glass sheets for any type of custom mirrors that you could possibly imagine. For example, beveled mirrors — those with edges that slope down — are no challenge for our team of expert glass-cutters. Large vanity mirrors with or without decorative frame designs are also an easy fix for us.

Custom-Cut Glass Shower Doors

Over time, shower doors get crusty, grimy, and stained. Many shower doors weren’t constructed with high-quality materials in the first place, so they trap things like mildew, rust, and dirt that are hard to remove. If it’s clear that your old shower doors haven’t stood the test of time and are impossible to clean, let us help.

Customized shower doors from Quality Glass, Inc. bring a couple of other benefits besides their ease of maintenance. First of all, you’ll be able to keep both hot air and water from leaving your shower. These shower doors help you stay warmer when it’s cold in your house and also keep the floor from getting unnecessarily wet.

Custom shower doors by Quality Glass, Inc. are also safer. Our shower doors never run the risk of shattering while you’re in the shower or bath because we use custom tempered glass which is made stronger during the manufacturing process. We guarantee this claim to be true.

Finally, you’ll love our selection!  We offer multiple types of glass to best suit your style needs. We have frosted, faux-rain, and other types of glass ready to cut and fit into the piece your home needs.

Update Your Shower for Style

New shower doors are a bathroom renovation that is simple and affordable but can increase the value of your home as well as your bathroom’s safety and functionality. Our custom glass-cutting, mirror repairs, and custom shower door installations can transform bathrooms in older homes and give them a needed update. When it comes time to sell your home, those updates can mean better curb appeal and a higher selling price.

For all your Clinton, MS custom glass and mirror installation needs, contact Quality Glass Inc.!